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Have You Decided to Quit the Cigarette Habit?


Everyone makes New Year’s resolutions in January. Whether they keep them or not is another matter entirely. However, if you want to make sure that you quit smoking in the New Year, you have it in your ability to do so. By vaping e-cigarettes, you can disband from smoking altogether even if you have to use an alternative method to do so.

A Safer Habit Than Smoking

Whilst all the data is not out about e-cigs, you can be assured that vaping is probably safer than smoking tar-laced, toxic cigarettes. Plus, you can vape just about anywhere. You do not have to stand away from the crowd of non-smokers at your office if you take up vaping. Even if they do not particularly like the vapour, they still will be calmer when you vape instead of light up a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Where to Go Online

That is why you will find that visiting a site such as http://www.vapeking.com.au is a good thing to do. By visiting this type of e-cig site, you can see what devices are featured for people who wish to stop smoking but have found it tough to do. If you have never followed through on any New Year’s resolution before, you have the opportunity to do so now.

Defining the E-Cig Device

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that resemble a traditional cigarette or are reasonably close in appearance. Usually, beginning vapers like to choose the narrow devices as they are used to smoking cigarettes over cigars or pipes. The electronic cigarette works by a battery that can be recharged for use. Therefore, you can carry your e-cig device on a lanyard around your neck and charge it at home when it needs it.

The Vapour Makes the Difference

The device, when used, heats up an e-liquid that emits a vapour. This vapour is what distinguishes an e-cig from a traditional tobacco cigarette. When the battery of the e-cig heats, it releases a steam, not smoke. Therefore, no one feels as if he or she is choking when you are vaping. Instead, they smell the scent emitted by the e-liquid and that is all.

Various Flavours and Scents

E-juice or e-liquid comes in various flavours and scents. Some people liken the scents to the vapour that is emitted from an essential oil. For example, both vapers and non-vapers enjoy apple, cherry, orange, and chocolate scents. You can also buy e-cigs that mimic the taste of tobacco.

E-juices are also made with certain amounts of nicotine. Therefore, you can slowly wean yourself off of the substance by vaping instead of smoking. You can purchase e-cigs with a lot of nicotine or none at all. Therefore, you can make a commitment not to smoke pretty easily.

Save More Money by Vaping

When you choose to vape instead of smoke, you will also save a good deal of money. When you compare the price of buying a pack of cigarettes regularly and using a vaping device, you will be astonished. In fact, you can save several hundred dollars per year by just making a switch. Therefore, you can get a raise in your paycheck by making the switch to an e-cigarette.

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