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Guerlain – Over 150 Years in Perfumery

Guerlain is among the earliest perfume houses in the world. Its origins date dating back to 1828, whenever a perfumer named Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain opened up an outlet on 42 Rue de Rivoli in Paris. Pierre-François was both store’s first perfumer and founder, and with the aid of his two sons he produced making unique fragrances. His perfumes earned him the ongoing support and patronage of numerous people of high society at that time, by 1840 he could open its flagship store at 15, Rue en Paix.

Over time, the function of master perfumer within the organization was presented with lower inside the family, first to Pierre-François’s sons, and so forth. Presently, Jean-Paul Guerlain may be the master perfumer, four generations lower in the founding of the organization. Together with his retirement around the corner, however, with no family heirs, chances are the role of master perfumer would eventually become filled by someone from outdoors their family.

This lengthy history attests towards the remaining power Guerlain’s company and also the scents and perfumes their perfumers produce. It’s lengthy been referred to as a top quality perfumer inside the greater circles of European society. Most of the company’s perfumes happen to be highly acclaimed through the years, and a number of them have grown to be real classics and legends within the field.

A number of its scents, for example Jicky, originate from dating back to 1889, and it has continued to be popular within the lengthy good reputation for the organization. This specific scent was among the company’s many innovative choices. It’s known as the among the first perfumes to make use of synthetics, offering users a completely new scent. At that time, perfumes were usually designed to mimic natural scents, for example bouquets of flowers.

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